Maryborough Freemasons Welcome
Maryborough’s current Lodge building was completed in 1960 Prior   to   the   building   of   the   current   Lodge   building,   or Temple,    Maryborough’s    Lodges    had    several    homes, from   the   Baptist   Church   in   Alice   Street   in      1871   to   a purpose    built    Hall    in    Bazaar    Street    in    1877.    The decision   to   build   a   new   Masonic Temple   was   first   made in   1955   at   a   combined   meeting   of   the   five   (5)   Masonic Lodges then in existence in Maryborough. A   further   meeting   of   the   combined   Lodges   held   in   1956   confirmed   the   process   that   had   been started   in   1955   and   a   decision   was   made   to   sell   off   the   Hall   in   Bazaar   Street   to   ensure   funding for the new building to commence. The   cornerstone   was   laid   by   the   Grand   Master,   M.W.   Bro. H.B.Milliner,   at   a   ceremony   held   on   the   27th   of   March   1960 and    this    building    remains    the    home    of    Freemasonry    in Maryborough, Queensland. The   Maryborough   Masonic   Centre   is   located   at   the   corner   of Kent and Alfred Streets in Maryborough, Queensland. The   Banquet   Hall   in   the   downstairs   portion   of   the   building   is   available   for   rent   at   extremely affordable    prices.    For    further    information    please    contact    the    Secretary/Treasurer    of    the Management Committee at this address . Download   a   PDF    or   epub    version   of   the   booklet   prepared   for   the   Dedication   of   the   Lodge building in 1960.
Maryborough Freemasons Welcome to the home page of the Maryborough Freemasons Lodges; here you will find a little history about our four Craft Lodges, contact details and other information that the Lodges would like to share with members of the public.